Rovers are the oldest Youth Section in the Scouting beldon logo

By taking part in the many opportunities available to you as a Rover you will experience fun, fellowship and personal growth. Rovers meet as a Crew and participate in a variety of activities. These activities offer you the opportunity to mix socially, push yourself physically, challenge yourself mentally and develop spiritually. Each Crew is different and chooses the activities that suit its members the most.

Joining a Rover Crew could be one of the most important steps in your life. It can open doors to new friendships, fun, adventure and some unforgettable experiences while at the same time developing your leadership and organisational skills.

Beldon Rover Crew:

Beldon Rover Crew is one of the most recent crew in Western Australia to be established. It is also Perth metropolitan area’s northern most crew. Whilst the crew is new to rovers, it does not stop the crew members from doing everything! The crew is very active and meets at least once a week and attends most major events and activities. They are also seen out and about in the community and volunteer in other scouting sections. The crew’s main aim is to find a balance between socialising and the principles of scouting and it is something they have mastered quite well. The crew is very hands on and they are currently working on fundraising so that they can attend and participate in everything scouting related!

The crew is made up of very diverse and different people and currently sits at 5 members. New rover members are on the horizon and the crew is currently working on building its numbers to help grow.

Because Beldon is so active, we vary our meeting location quite a bit so it would be best for you to email us to find out where we will be next!

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Male & female aged 17 to 26
Section based on the Knights of the Round Table
Crew Leader: Matthew Shallcross

For any enquiries please click here to contact us.