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Scouting encourages young people to become well-rounded young adults who believe in their current abilities and future potential, who are well-equipped to face life’s challenges, who are strong leaders as well as effective team players, and who can make a constructive contribution to the community in which they live.

The Scout program is based on the wisdom of over a century of Scouting experience from around the world, combined with a dynamic and contemporary approach which ensures that the program remains engaging and relevant to today’s youth, their families, and the wider community. Emphasising peace, education and understanding, Scouting transcends all cultural, religious, racial, political, age and gender barriers. Scouts Australia also welcomes membership enquiries from those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

The Beldon Scout Group meets weekly at the Guy Daniel’s Hall, 16 Sail Terrace, Heathridge.

If any parents are interested in being involved within the group, ie. committee, adult helper or leader, please contact Peter Shallcross at

To contact us for any enquiries please use the form below: