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Be Prepared for a New Adventure


Scouts Australia has New Branding and the Beldon Scout Group are now running there program through the New System.

The Beldon Scout Group have are rebranded for 2022. 2022 will see the launch of the updated group logo, new group activity shirts and a different look to how scouting at Beldon will be run.

2022 will see the Group open with Joeys, Cubs, Scout and Venturers that will all meet one a week throughout the public school terms. For more information please see the details below.


Scouting is a growing worldwide youth movement with nearly 40 million members. 7,600 of those are in WA. Emphasising peace, education and understanding, Beldon Scouts transcends all cultural, religious, racial, political, age and gender barriers. Scouts also welcome membership enquiries from those with intellectual or physical disabilities.

Scouting is about helping young people being the best they can be, developing all facets of life so they can grow to become constructive citizens in their communities.

The fun, challenge, adventure and lifelong friendships await those girls and boys, men and women who join Scouts. Learning life skills, growing in self-confidence and gaining valuable leadership and team skills are all part of the Beldon Scouts program.

Our program is delivered by Nationally accredited trained leaders in safe, but still adventurous, environments.

Beldon Scouts currently falls into the Joondalup District. Whilst we welcome people from outside of this district, we would like to inform you that there may be a scout group closer to you. For more information on other groups visit

Whilst we aim to meet every week, please note that we are not always at our hall as we are often out and about adventuring! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiries.

Young boys and girls, men and women can progress through the five Scouting sections – Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rovers or can start in any section depending on their age.


Our Sections


Children aged 5.5 to 8
Runs Wednesdays 6 pm until 7 pm

Leader in Charge: Matt “Fishy” 



Children aged 8 to 12
Monday Pack 6pm until 7:30pm

Leader in Charge: Caitlin “Mao”



Children aged 12 to 15
Runs Wednesdays 7 pm until 8:30 pm

Leader in Charge: Matt “Fishy” 



Teenagers aged 15 to 18
Contact the Group Leader for further information

Leader in Charge: Vacant



Young Adults aged 18 to 26
Contact the Group Leader for further information

Unit Leader: Vacant

Unit Advisor: Vacant


Joining the Adult Members Team


Anyone that is over the age of 18 and has a keen eye for helping children improve there Scouting Skills while learning and improving their own skill along the way.

We have an array of warranted leaders, leaders in training, adult and parent helpers.

Group Leader: Peter “Sharkey” 

We are always after more volunteers in Scouting… if your interested and to learn more about becoming a volunteer  click here.



Anyone that is over the age of 18 and is interested in the running of the Group. This committee helps to organize group events, whilst organising the group’s finances, books, equipment and fundraising.

We have an array of parent helpers already on our committee, but there is always room for more. We are currently looking for a Secretary and a team to help with the Equipment Maintenance and Fundraising.

Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Kate Longman
Quarter Master: Vacant
Fundraising: Vacant
General Committee Members: Vacant


Beldon Scout Shop

The Beldon Scout Group are currently in the process of rebranding and this section of the Group will be changing over the coming months.

Current Items for sale from the Group are listed below.

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